Throughout space there is energy. It is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature"
- Nikola Tesla

Innovative solutions for industry and infrastructures

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Innovative solutions

SUHALUR INNOVATION is a highly professional and fast growing company having a clear focus on the development and application of innovative solutions for industry and infrastructures.

Towards the future

SUHALUR INNOVATION is working with a view to provide solutions throughout the plants and infrastructures with an innovative view to provide a quantum leap in every area.


SUHALUR INNOVATION is integrated by professionals with vast experience in the steel industry, IT + telecommunications and energy where have held technical and executive positions in the areas of strategy, innovation, industrial process control, instrumentation, telecommunications, IT, electrical networks and logistics. They also have training in the current big data techniques.


SUHALUR INNOVATION has stable agreements and collaborations with companies that are providing Industrial Cyber Security Solutions, innovative solutions in the area of logistics, energy networks and assets IT optimization and management and innovation centers.


Carlos Urueña
CEO. Founder.
Graduated in Industrial Engineering, ranked nr.1 in the specialty of Energy at the University of Bilbao in 1981. He realized the courses of doctorate specializing in steel processes, physics and mathematics. He was awarded in 1980 a Spanish government subsidy to develop a special research on solar energy.

He has worked in SENER as nuclear engineer with special dedication to the environmental impact of nuclear power plants emissions; in ARCELOR in different positions: responsible for processes optimization with mathematical models with a stay of one year in USA in General Electric headquarters and one year in different stays in France (Stein-Heurtey), and Germany (Mannesman-Demag, SMS, SIEMENS). He created and ran the Industrial Auditing department in ARCELOR and finally became worldwide ARCELOR logistics VP; in GAMESA as Strategy and Business development VP; in Sky Solar Holdings as Sky Solar Western Europe and Sky Energy Services Managing Director and Skytech president, covering the business of renewable energies and energy efficiency in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and the technical support for Germany, Czech Republic, China, Japan and USA. He has been member of the board in several companies in the fields of logistics, wind energy, solar energy, biomass and others. He has lectured on nuclear contaminants, renewable energies, smart grid, energy efficiency, sustainable economy and companies’ internationalization in Spain, Luxembourg, China and Middle East.

As Arcelor Logistics VP, he received a CDTI economical help for innovation to develop and implement the European Logistic Information System in Arcelor. This project was European level (it affects to logistics of Arcelor products from 27 factories in Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany and Luxembourg and their distribution to every European country by train, truck and ship). The system is operative in ArcelorMittal.

He is the founder and Managing Director in Suhalur Innovation.

Faustino Obeso
Senior Advisor.
Graduated in Industrial Engineering with honours at the University of Oviedo in 1984 and became a doctor in Engineering in 1997. His professional life has been developed in ARCELORMITTAL, where he was Research and Development director in Spain and had a stay in General Electric USA of almost one year. He has held positions as Coordinator in the Spanish Technological Platform for Steel, Chairman in the Innovation Club of Asturias, Principal Research and Coordinator in several European projects, Chairman in the Foundation of the Technological Institute of Materials, VP in the Technological Committee of UNESID. He is the Spanish representative in the Steel Advisory Group in Brussels. He is a professor in University of Oviedo in the area of Systems Engineering. He has coordinated ten European projects and participated in more than thirty. He has been evaluator in different European programs, like BRITE, ESPRIT, CECA, RFCS and FP7. He is a senior Advisor in Suhalur Innovation.

Asier Urueña
Data Product Manager.
Gratuated in Business Management and Administration by Deusto Business School, and Data Science Specialist by Mondragon University. He has worked in operations, management and system consulting firms. He has developed several tools for production optimization, supply chain management, demand analysis and prediction. He has also taken part in projects for banking systems definition and implementation. Furthermore, he has been a financial controller for a global solar PV and renewable energy investment company.

He is co-founder and CEO in TOKITEK, a tech company with a real-time GPS monitoring system and 2 platforms for managing communications between organizations and their affiliates or users, UDALTOKI and EVENTOKI.

Juan Carlos Antigüedad
Chief of Telecommunications,
IT, Industrial Automation and Big Data.
Graduated in Industrial Engineering Graduated at the University of Bilbao in 1982. He has worked in ArcelorMittal in Bilbao premises in IT and telecommunications, becoming Chief of Telecommunications in 1987. He has been IT Director in Patricio Echevarria (steel tool manufacturer) for 5 years. Then he held the position of Director for systems and IT networks in the company T-systems. He has collaborated in several research projects and is active in innovation fields from the IT, telecommunications, industrial automation and instrumentation areas among others.

Tomás del Valle
Chief of Engineering.
Graduated in Industrial Technical Engineering School in 1984 and Green Belt in 2014. Engineering responsible in renewable companies (Sky Energy Services), industrial process control, maintenance, and efficiency (Gamesa, Italcementi, Arcelor). He was Developer of innovative products in Gamesa. Responsible of different projects such us electric Substation of 132/6 KV, preventive and predictive maintenance factory plant, energy management in cement factory, renewable energy projects (PV and Wind), O&M, audits and EPCM of Wind project, development of efficiency equipment patent and responsible of different departments in engineering and Maintenance. He is the Chief of Engineering area in Suhalur Innovation.

Tomás Vergel
Team Manager Telecommunications,
IT and Big Data.
Graduated in Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering at the university of Bilbao. He has worked in product homologation, project tracking and quality control in Inelec, programming and communication configuration in frequency converters and control production quality in Saltoki, industrialization cabinets and turbine wind converter platform, validation testing, participation in the development and design of energy efficient equipment, converters in collaboration with universities in Gamesa, design automation transformation processes in Incoesa. He is Specialist in programming, cyber-security, electronics and communications in Suhalur.

Analyst & Programming Team
Specialists in advanced data analysis & programming, who have worked in tier 1 companies.